Unforgotten Night first impression (Ep1 -Ep4 )

Unforgotten Night first impression (Ep1 -Ep4 )

are you a avid reader of mafia fanfiction in wattpad? And you just being watch the Kinnporsche the series then this one will definatle serve you right.

To be honest i am not a big fan of mafia stories i don’t know i just simple don’t connect with it. Trapped from History 3 is my least favourite one. I know you maybe rolling your eyes but that’s true.

I simpley watched Kinnporsche to judged the hype and so the others. I don’t hate this kinda story but not love the either.

Enough about me let’s talk about Unforgetten Night the series starring Yoon as Kamol and Ton as Kim who had a onenight stand. And some questionable BSDM. Yes their sexual life is kinda based on BSDM. I like BSDM stuff and i read BJalex so i am pretty knowlegable. So what they are doing here is kinda child play.

And another this is in every scean whenever Yoon approach Ton as touf mafia i kept laughing because i am a huge fan of him and i like his most famous work YYY the series. In contrast to that role it so diffrent and i can’t get over that romcom BL. But he shocked me whith his performance.

For Ton i don’t know about him and he doing his job good and i love their paring and how they develop from one night stand. So i am looking forward to this series and i hope they serve us well with BSDM and mafia sory.

And most intresting thing we have two more couple beside main couple and also we have love traingle.

My apologies if i am making you confuse but Kim go on one night stand with komal to getover someone or his ex and that’s how the story begins.

we also have a bitch girl who want komal and two comic girl as kim assistant.

So girls are under represent in Thai BL as usuual.

In contrary it’s a good show and love to know more about the story.

Thanks for reading see you in my next post bye.

Old Fashion Cupcake Japanese BL drama Review

Old Fashion Cupcake Japanese BL drama Review

This series will guid you how to sudice you boss

“Sleep, wake, and work — sums up the day-to-day life of 39-year old, Nozue. A routine that eases him, and conversely weighs heavily on him — which worries the hard-eyed but reliable Togawa, a 29-year old subordinate of his. In an unexpected turn of events, the two of them end up visiting a pancake shop bustling with girls.” (Source: Mangaupdates)

A very sweet blooming office romance between Nozue (Takeda Kouhei) and Togawa (Tatsunari Kimura). Nozue is 39 years old and Togawa 29. Nozue is boss and Togawa is sobordinate and most they have a huge age gap. This forbidden and impossible love make me want more of them.

I don’t had any idea about the show i watched the posters and that’s it. Out of bordom i watched it and i thought that theis will be no kiss jbl like “kieta hastugoi / my love mixup” or may be there will be over exgegerated facial expression like “cherry magic”. After watching so many Japanese BL i judge it so much and i am at wrong it has nothing steriotypical except dramatic running scean which i like. This drama has such a mature romance and how they depict love for eachother unconciously also shown beautifully. Persistent young sobordinate who is taking care of his boss who is going through his menopose and middle life crisis. They show so may thing that not normal friend or college’s do.

Its a satisfying watch and give us a big apiettie for seasson 2 or atleast movie version. After all this the cherry on top is their sexual jokes and passonate kissing. If you are a true fujoshi and fudanshi or fujin just don’t miss this drama.

This drama is based on the manga whith same name. Most of the Japanese bl are most likely to be the adaptation from manga so for more you can read the manga to. Me personally didn’t read the manga becuause i am mostly occupide or overthrown by the live action.

Thanks for read see you in next blog bye.

The Silent Concubine ll Historical BL Manhua Review

The Silent Concubine ll Historical BL Manhua Review

The Silent Concubine || Historical BL Manhua Review

Authors: Qiang tang

Artists: Bai li jun xi

Genres: Manhua , Shounen ai , Violence , Adaptation , Drama , Historical , Romance

Original language: Chinese

Translated language: English

Original work: Ongoing

Year of Release: 2020


The Prince of Commander of the North , Jun Xuanxiao has a crush on the daughter of the Shen family, and wants to take their daughter as a concubine. She refused to marry him because previous 9 concubine were tortured to death by him. Shen Yu, a male mute servant was lure by them to give his mothe a better life, he agreed to marry the commander while concealing his gender. Now he is worried what will happed when he will find out that he is male not female.

My Review :

I don’t know why i like torture and angst so much i was glued to this story and now i am longing for more chapters to update faster. It’s a very sad story of Shen Yu who is very unfortunate and have go thought so much hurdel in life. Even though he is unluncky he still find love , friendship and family because of his pure and kind nature.

Let me tell you if you like fluff and all thing happy and sweet its not for you. It has a lot of angst, rape voilence, torture, manupulation , missunderstanding and many more. What make is worth reading is the development of the character because you at first think that how come they will make us like this filthy protagonist called Jun Xuanxiao and all the way we will just want justice for Shen Yu.

Till now it only has 100 chapters but the amount of sory develpment we have and we need more of this sory so i hope there 100 more. And one for this we had very very sweet side couple they are well wisher of Shen Yu. If you like to suffer a lot before happy ending give it a try.

My Rating :- 4/5

This is my spoiler free Review and if go indept then i will definately end up spoiling this sory for you bye .

First impression of Vice Versa Episode 1

First impression of Vice Versa Episode 1

image from mydramalist

Vice Versa First impression ep1

Vice Versa the supernatural BL drama of GMMTV is here after long wait. After the unofficial trailor relese , i was most excited about this series and we all know why it is most anticipated BL series of 2022. Ofcourse, you gussed it right. Om Nananon from the bad buddy the series will apear in ths series time to time.

My first impression is also kinda comparison between unofficial trailor and the 1st Episode.

Story summary :- “Talay wakes up in the body of a man named Tess and reencounters Puen, a famous actor who is now in the body of Tun following an accident. The two have Phuwadol, a nurse who helps people from the same universe they left behind, to guide them through life in this new universe. According to Phuwadol, there’s a chance they may be one another’s “portkey,” people who can help them return to where they came from once they have completed what they need to achieve. Tun and Talay have a mission to fulfil, and they are assisted by their pals Kita, Fuse, and Friend Credits members Up and Aou. Love and friendship grow with them in the new universe. What will happen with their mission? Will they be able to get back to their home universe?”

Watching the first episode is kinda confusing Talay (played by Sea) and Puean( played by Jimmy) are the real world people and Tess kinda played by Om and Tun played by kinda Nanon is the people of parapel universe. If you are like me then this was not the case in unofficial trailor its the opposite or may be i am assuming thing.

But i like this confusion and eager wach the upcomming episode. I did’t watch any Thai series that is airing right now so i am extremly happy to get vice versa. I hope they will serve us right. i don’t know but GMMTV like body swaping series so much like at first shippers then cupd’s last wish and now a whole universe of body swapping lol.

There some gmmtv special scean like they will cross path and bathroom not washing the and stuff. and forcing chemestry between two stranger by keeping their face next to each other lol. just like magnet . Even though i enjoy those scen so i am not complaining. Jimmy and sea look good together just hope the serve what they promice in this series.

so i end my blog here i will see when i write my next blog bye.