The Silent Concubine ll Historical BL Manhua Review

The Silent Concubine ll Historical BL Manhua Review

The Silent Concubine || Historical BL Manhua Review

Authors: Qiang tang

Artists: Bai li jun xi

Genres: Manhua , Shounen ai , Violence , Adaptation , Drama , Historical , Romance

Original language: Chinese

Translated language: English

Original work: Ongoing

Year of Release: 2020


The Prince of Commander of the North , Jun Xuanxiao has a crush on the daughter of the Shen family, and wants to take their daughter as a concubine. She refused to marry him because previous 9 concubine were tortured to death by him. Shen Yu, a male mute servant was lure by them to give his mothe a better life, he agreed to marry the commander while concealing his gender. Now he is worried what will happed when he will find out that he is male not female.

My Review :

I don’t know why i like torture and angst so much i was glued to this story and now i am longing for more chapters to update faster. It’s a very sad story of Shen Yu who is very unfortunate and have go thought so much hurdel in life. Even though he is unluncky he still find love , friendship and family because of his pure and kind nature.

Let me tell you if you like fluff and all thing happy and sweet its not for you. It has a lot of angst, rape voilence, torture, manupulation , missunderstanding and many more. What make is worth reading is the development of the character because you at first think that how come they will make us like this filthy protagonist called Jun Xuanxiao and all the way we will just want justice for Shen Yu.

Till now it only has 100 chapters but the amount of sory develpment we have and we need more of this sory so i hope there 100 more. And one for this we had very very sweet side couple they are well wisher of Shen Yu. If you like to suffer a lot before happy ending give it a try.

My Rating :- 4/5

This is my spoiler free Review and if go indept then i will definately end up spoiling this sory for you bye .

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