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Unforgotten Night first impression (Ep1 -Ep4 )

are you a avid reader of mafia fanfiction in wattpad? And you just being watch the Kinnporsche the series then this one will definatle serve you right.

To be honest i am not a big fan of mafia stories i don’t know i just simple don’t connect with it. Trapped from History 3 is my least favourite one. I know you maybe rolling your eyes but that’s true.

I simpley watched Kinnporsche to judged the hype and so the others. I don’t hate this kinda story but not love the either.

Enough about me let’s talk about Unforgetten Night the series starring Yoon as Kamol and Ton as Kim who had a onenight stand. And some questionable BSDM. Yes their sexual life is kinda based on BSDM. I like BSDM stuff and i read BJalex so i am pretty knowlegable. So what they are doing here is kinda child play.

And another this is in every scean whenever Yoon approach Ton as touf mafia i kept laughing because i am a huge fan of him and i like his most famous work YYY the series. In contrast to that role it so diffrent and i can’t get over that romcom BL. But he shocked me whith his performance.

For Ton i don’t know about him and he doing his job good and i love their paring and how they develop from one night stand. So i am looking forward to this series and i hope they serve us well with BSDM and mafia sory.

And most intresting thing we have two more couple beside main couple and also we have love traingle.

My apologies if i am making you confuse but Kim go on one night stand with komal to getover someone or his ex and that’s how the story begins.

we also have a bitch girl who want komal and two comic girl as kim assistant.

So girls are under represent in Thai BL as usuual.

In contrary it’s a good show and love to know more about the story.

Thanks for reading see you in my next post bye.

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